Vogalonga 2011 – ASPIRATIONS was there!


The Vogalonga is one of the most important event in Venice. It is not a competitive race and there are no winners. Almost all rowed or paddled boats can participate, and there’s even a separate category for kayaks.

The Vogalonga originated 36 years ago with the aim of making Venetians aware of the problem of swell created by engine-powered boats, thanks to the initiative of a group of Venetians who were lovers of rowing and of the traditions of the “Serenissima”. Since then the number of participants, especially from abroad, has continued to grow, with entries totaling up to 1500 boats.

The 2011 edition has taken place on Sunday June 12, and ASPIRATIONS’ Team has been able to watch this colorful happening from its great House terrace in Riva Schiavoni.

In the morning a large number of boats of every type and shape gathered in St. Mark’s Basin opposite the Doge’s Palace to await the start; they then set off on a roughly 30 kilometer long course that winded its way among the lagoon islands before returning to Venice along the Rio di Cannaregio to finish at the Punta della Dogana.

According to Vogalonga tradition, those who are not able to do all the 30 km, are used to organize large tables on the banks of the canals, terraces, roof terraces and wait for their friends to celebrate their transition to offering a good glass of wine.