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Our Vision:

Now more than ever before in history the global concerns relating to all of humanity are rising to the surface. Through the growth of social media and other mediums of communication, all people and every institution are inextricably interconnected.

This is an ideal time for all to invest in meaningful marketing programs that can grow and evolve. The socio-political issues in the world provide pressing impetus to be proactive.

Art, music and literature create memory. They transcend language, time and space. The voice of culture is powerful, and may be soft or amplified.

There are three curatorial and thematic directions that offer the most potential for such a voice: conservation, technology, and history.

You are a force waiting to be tapped into for the greater, GREATER good- and may our joint venture allow us to accomplish the life-affirming effort we have respectively envisioned for so long. We came together by the occurrence of a thunderstorm in Central Park- and hopefully symbolically this is the effect we can have to drive forth the cause of art and goodness.
Elizabeth Sadoff, Art Advisor