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Live Painting with Wyland –May 3rd and 4th 2012

Live Painting with Wyland –May 3rd and 4th 2012



The Arts and Culture Council, in conjunction with the Wyland Foundation, is preparing a unique live painting experience – the Wyland Art Mural Project of Miami Beach.  On Thursday May 3rd and Friday May 4th, internationally acclaimed artist and conservationist, Wyland, will mentor the Miami Beach Public School Students with the live painting of a ninety foot mural. This project is open to the public, and will take place from 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. both days, at 410 and 420 Lincoln Road, directly in front of the FIU College of Architecture + the Arts.

“We are honored to be a part of this wonderful collaboration between the Wyland Foundation, the Arts and Culture Council and Miami-Dade Public Schools,” said Brian Schriner, Dean of FIU College of Architecture and the Arts.  “Hosting the live mural painting in front our Miami Beach Urban Studios is precisely the vision behind establishing this space as a creative environment that ultimately contributes to the good of our community.”

We invite the public to join us as we conduct this important undertaking – from the first brush strokes to the finishing touches.   Art, conservation, education and fun will come together in a highly visible and memorable production.  For two days, the artist and the students of Miami Beach will paint this gigantic mural, right on Lincoln Road Mall.


In advance of the live painting, Wyland will conceptualize the work in his studio, producing a painting that will then be recreated with the students in the form of a large mural consisting of two panels. The panels (each measuring ten feet tall and forty five feet wide) will depict indigenous marine life of South Florida. This unique painted homage to Miami Beach and its natural habitat will help remind us of the fragile aspect of nature, and the importance of environmental conservation.


Wyland’s accomplishments are prolific –from his iconic artwork portraying idyllic oceanic scenes, to his important foundation that promotes water conservation worldwide.  Globally recognized for his work with large-scale murals, Wyland’s work is held in private collections and public places in over a hundred countries.  His public works are viewed by an estimated one billion people each year.


The educational component of this project is key – each of the six Miami Beach public schools will participate, as well as the Hebrew Academy, with the fourth-grade students helping paint the murals.  Additionally, prior to the event, the schools will participate in the Wyland Foundation “Mayors’ Challenge” for conservation.  During the month of April, students are working in their science class to collect and conserve rain water, in water barrels decorated with a Wyland design, which will be used to irrigate the schools’ gardens.


“We are thrilled with this opportunity to partner with such an important artist and conservationist.  Wyland and his Wyland Foundation provide a great platform to help communicate the mission of our Arts and Culture Council,” stated Jerry Libbin, President of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and Miami Beach City Commissioner. ” And, the great part of this project is that it touches the lives of so many young folks in a meaningful way and incorporates Art, Culture and Education.”


This project will achieve many wonderful benefits- not only the involvement and education of the Miami Beach students, but it will create a means to raise funds for three pertinent charities –each of which will receive one third of the revenues.  The completed murals can be purchased for $50,000 each, with all proceeds benefiting these charities that support the environment, public education and the arts. Signed lithographs of the murals along with branded t-shirts will also be sold to raise funds.


Perhaps our greatest desired outcome for this project is to showcase to residents of Miami Beach, and to the general public, that we encourage the arts and conservation; and that we actively support educational efforts in our community.   We are honored and proud to work with Wyland and his Foundation – with the hope that through this project, more of our children will nurture their artistic talents, and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation.


The partnership between the Arts and Culture Council and the Wyland organization is founded on much generosity by all of the team members, in particular as the artist and his Foundation team, who are donating much of their personal time, and project costs.  We thank Wyland for sharing his vision, his talents, and in demonstrating leadership and commitment to the future of our planet.