Promote with Events and PR

Most of our clients need assistance with events and promotion. We work with you to develop a plan for unique and successful events and promotions, with long-term marketing results:

Would you like to better understand the “art” of event marketing?

  1. how many events and promotions to produce?
  2. when?
  3. whom to invite?
  4. how much to spend?
  5. where to host the event?
  6. how to create a memorable event?
  7. how to maximize the return on investment?
  8. how to get viral marketing buzz?
  9. how to get press?
  10. how to turn excitement into sales and business results?

ASPIRATIONS Founder Judy Holm has created and directed over 600 events over the past twenty years.  Ranging from intimate settings to large-scale productions, each event is prepared with a customized strategy and complete attention to every detail.

Clients range from the Italian Cultural Institute, to Ferrari, Maserati and large corporations such as Charles Schwab and L’Oreal.

Art Ambiance - Power 100 Event