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Tattoos of a City


Urban development, city planning and regentrification projects typically include some form of public art in their design. In a more organic form, much of the art dotting city landscapes is created by artists who passionately seek to produce their work on an open-air canvas. “Graffiti art” is a hallmark of creative freedom and expression, and is deeply etched on the map of Miami. All forms of public art- ranging from stealth graffiti to commissioned monuments, are visual landmarks uniquely defining every city in the world, and documenting every era of civilization.


Art and architecture memorialize both a time in history and a style of local culture. Italy is an example of a country deeply enriched with centuries of public art. From the art of Ancient Rome that proliferated from 750 BC to approximately 400 AD, to such works as Michelangelo’s David and the Trevi Fountain, the image of Italy is closely connected to its public art. David, created between 1501 and 1504 and originally commissioned for a different purpose, was ultimately installed in a public square in Florence; and the Trevi Fountain in Rome (1732-1762, commissioned by Pope Urban Vlll), both exemplify the visual treasure chest of Italy.

As a young city, Miami has quickly developed global renown for its art scene. What does this mean vis a vis public art?

Miami’s Wynwood district is internationally acclaimed for its art, ranging from a growing gallery community, to prolific graffiti art – including the eponymous Wynwood Walls. Emerging from a neighborhood of disrepair, is a bright and edgy growth of artistic expression. The public art is viscerally changing the face of the map.

Both Miami and Miami Beach are cities that are strongly committed to art, as exemplified through the Miami Beach “Art in Public Places” program. Established in 1984, there were already several works of art throughout the city. Mermaid, created in 1979 by Roy Lichtenstein, is a highly visible and recognizable work of art located at Washington and 17th Street. In total, there are now nineteen unique and original works of art positioned throughout the city.

Public art is typically installed with the authorization and collaboration of the government. In different municipalities, the local government actively encourages the creation of public art by implementing a policy based on a percentage of real estate development costs. The City of Miami Beach Art in Public Places Ordinance has established that 1.5% of the cost of city-owned construction projects must be allocated for “works of art in public places other than museums which enrich the public environment.”

Some of the most important projects of the Art in Public Places program have been completed in the past several years. They include Urban Deco, 2008, by Garren Owens; Morris’, 2009, by Dan Graham; Tempest, 2010, by Brian Tolle; Liquid Measures, by Wendy Wischer, 2010; and most recently obstinate lighthouse, by Tobias Rehberger, 2011.

The most recent addition to the portfolio, unveiled in 2011 during Art Basel Miami Beach, represents the promising future. Not only is the obstinate lighthouse a monumental, fifty-five feet tall art work, a stunning addition to the pristine South Park, but the caliber of the artist is world class, and highly regarded by critics across the globe. The winner of the 2009 Venice Biennale’s highest honor, the Golden Lion, Tobias Rehberger and his obstinate lighthouse represents a beacon of commitment to public art in Miami and beyond.


Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

We welcomed 300 VIP guests to an amazing evening at the elegant Villa Azur.  Celebrating the Power 100 issue of Art+Auction magazine.  Sponsored by Champagne Nicolas Feuillate, and Sotheby’s International Realty.

judy catalina

“Haskins Takes Miami” ~ private charity event produced by Aspirations


Haskins Takes Miami

A private charity event with cocktails & silent auction

The stars aligned on Thursday, December 6th at an exciting event featuring the vintage fashion photography of Sam Haskins.  Hosts Adam Smith, CEO of V&M, Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer Co-Founders of  SHFT, and Nevena Borissova, Owner of Curve Boutiques in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Miami Beach welcomed over one hundred international guests.    Ludwig Haskins, son of the late photographer, flew in from London to attend, carrying on the plane four of the most precious works of his father from the 1967 series “November Girl.”

Guests arriving at the Perry Hotel were treated to an amazing experience- a vintage white Rolls Royce photo op and a red carpet greeting.  After their photo op, guests were ushered by lovely, “black&white clad” hostesses to the VIP-only entrance of the boutique.  The ever-elegant Curve boutique was transformed into a sophisticated and sexy backdrop for the vintage black and white fashion photography of Sam Haskins.  Matching the theme of 1960’s avant-garde fashion photography of Sam Haskins, a custom “007  Collins” cocktail was provided by Grey Goose.

Lively music, art, fashion and beautiful décor created a frame for the beautiful space under the stars of South Beach.  Guests mingled and appreciated the art, the fashion and the warm ambiance.  Art and fashion were infused throughout the evening- creating a total look of sophistication and beauty.

The connection between V&M and SHFT was a dynamic aspect of the event.  V&M (Vintage and Modern), the leading online source for unique vintage furniture, antiques, art, jewelry, fashion and design from around the world, regularly partners with “Connoisseurs”- design icons and influencers who promote and fund select charities through special curated sales on V&M.

Proceeds of the silent auction at the event provided funding for SHFT Mobile Kitchen Classroom, a new nonprofit organization that provides high school students with the opportunity to learn about food politics, food justice, nutrition, and to teach basic cooking skills to prepare healthy, affordable, and delicious meals.




Founded in 2006, V&M (Vintage and Modern) is the leading online source for unique vintage furniture, antiques, art, jewelry, fashion and design from around the world. Dedicated to offering a high quality and unique shopping experience, V&M gives the trade and savvy public insider access to some of the best shopping on the web.


The V&M team, like its clientele, is passionate about design. They provide members the ultimate destination for discovering unique and original pieces as well as inspire and educate with innovative editorial content, including: industry news, interviews with top tastemakers, trend spotting, and exclusive curated columns.


One of the integral aspects of V&M is their “Connoisseurs”- design icons and influencers who promote and fund select charities through special curated sales on V&M.


One of the integral aspects of V&M is their “Connoisseurs”- design icons and influencers who promote and fund select charities through special curated sales on V&M.


The net proceeds of our silent auction next week will benefit SHFT Mobile Kitchen Classroom, a new nonprofit organization that provides high school students with the opportunity to learn about food politics, food justice, nutrition, and to teach basic cooking skills to prepare healthy, affordable, and delicious meals.  The nonprofit organization is the first charitable effort of SHFT.com, a multi-media platform founded by film producer Peter Glatzer and actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier. Their mission is to convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through film, design, art and culture.


Curate your life.™

Describing Labor


Describing Labor


Describing Labor is a thought-provoking, emotionally-charged art exhibition commissioned by The Wolfsonian-Florida International University in Miami Beach Florida, created by artist Esther Shalev-Gerz.


Occupying the entire seventh floor of the museum, the project actually begins in the elevator; with the background voice of museum founder Mitchell Wolfson contributing to the experience of “describing labor.”


The exhibition is brilliantly constructed, creating direct and relevant contemporary content that links to the heritage of the museum as well as to the historical place of manual labor around the globe- from the period of 1885 to 1945.


Shalev-Gerz theorizes that this period of time, roughly beginning with the industrial revolution and ending after the Second World War, was the last time that laborers were conveyed and depicted as prominent subjects of art, and with the emotion of “heroism.”


At the core of the exhibition are art objects relating to the figure of laborers during that stretch of time.  Approximately forty pieces of art –ranging from paintings and prints to sculptures and photographs (mostly belonging to the private collection of the Wolfsonian), were carefully selected by Shalev-Gerz as the integral layer for the exhibition.  She then recruited twenty-four people from the art industry as participants.  These artists, curators and professors were each asked to choose one of the pieces, based on their personal connection and artistic bias.


Subsequently, the participants were asked to locate a place to photograph their selection within the massive archives of the museum, which stores over 100,000 objects.  The final photograph of each art work renders each piece indelibly connected to its surrounding framework, and to its unique curator- creating a link of the historical art work and depiction of labor with the present.  These twenty-four photographs, shot with depth and detail, in predominantly dark setting, create the next layer of the exhibition.  The individual works are also presented as an ensemble, on one wall within the museum. The contrast between the framed images in a free-form collage displayed a stark white wall and each image ensconced in a powerful photographic dark frame is one of the brilliant aspects of the exhibition.


As alluded to in the title of the exhibition, the project contains layers and subtle messages formatting the depiction of the theme.  Each of the twenty four participants is individually interviewed and discusses the theme of labor as well as the reason for the selection of their piece.  The interviews are shot at close range with a black background, and run in a video loop side-by-side with another image scanning in detail their individually selected work of art.  The juxtaposition of the voice and expression of the individual participant with the intentionally discordant view of the art work perhaps reiterates the idea that “describing labor” is not merely a simple answer derived from the presence of its objects.






Each resulting tableau depicts an entire story about the participants’ interpretation of the theme – choosing different aspects and emotions connected to labor.  Social injustice and disparity, subjugation, heroism, monotony, stoicism, solemnity, power and strength are just some of the emotions evoked in the exhibition.  The observer may reflect on how and why the concept and practice of labor have shifted so dramatically over time.  A Shalev-Gerz points out, we are now visually flooded with the faces of politicians, celebrities and athletes, but the visualization of those who create objects has all but disappeared from art and from prominent media.


Museum Director, Cathy Leff muses, “Describing Labor insists that the luster of things does not lie hidden beneath the patina of time; rather, the patina itself holds latent meanings awaiting activation.”


The relationship between words and images is integral to the exhibition.  In discussing the work with assistant curator Matthew Abbess, he draws attention to the concept of art “speaking to us.”  How and why different people see art in a certain light, and respond viscerally from their own experiences and historical perspective is often what connects us to history, or a physical object or image.


Describing Labor shares with the viewers a panoply of ideas, strong visual images, and with intellectual stimulation and exploration of the theme of labor, it challenges the audience to consider the changing role and voice of labor over time, and how people today relate to the past.


The exhibition which debuted during the week of Art Basel Miami Beach on December 3, 2012 will remain open to the public through April 7, 2013.

Announcing… Art Concierge Miami

Art Concierge

A Private View of Art in Miami



BTA Billy the Artist live at Scope 2011

Internationally known for its beaches and nightlife, Miami also has a burgeoning and exciting arts and culture scene.  Art Concierge is dedicated to exploring this shining facet of Miami, and sharing ideas with those who may not have all of the knowledge or guidance they need.  For residents and visitors alike who are curious about what’s happening in the art scene in Miami, or those who may be interested in viewing or purchasing, Art Concierge is a vital resource for the best art and culture in Miami.


Because the area is so dynamic and diverse, it can be difficult to navigate.  It is also challenging to grasp the nuances between the various art and culture venues and events.  Art Concierge helps you decide where to go and what to do!


The Art Concierge website is predominantly focused on visual arts, and explores the top spots of Miami and Miami Beach.  The categories included are: public art; galleries; museums and private collections; art fairs.  Included are the incredible public art installations interwoven throughout Miami Beach, highlighting the program developed and run by the City.  In the section on museums and collections, the viewers will enjoy some of the best art that is “not for sale.”  In addition to wonderful museums, with their vast array of art, Miami has a number of dedicated private collectors who open their collections to the public.  Galleries and art fairs offer the public a view of art “for sale.”  All of the locations and events featured in Art Concierge exemplify the pulse of the art world, and each one is selected for its importance.


Additional content is provided for equally exciting and essential aspects of culture… performing arts; fashion and design; as well as some great restaurants and hotels to enjoy in the area.


Regularly collaborating with the owners, directors and marketing teams of the various organizations featured on our site, Art Concierge endeavors to provide one consolidated resource for the best information about the top cultural destinations in Miami- including the crown jewels of our community- Bass Museum of Art, Miami Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Wolfsonian-FIU, New World Symphony, Miami City Ballet, Florida Grand Opera, Miami Theater Company.


Each month, the website will feature some of the most exciting openings and events – so make sure to visit the site often and sign up for the mailing list!


In addition to the information provided in the curated website, local residents and travelers have access to Art Concierge art services and consulting.  Clients are assisted with purchasing of art- whether for personal enjoyment or investing.  There is also a service to direct and escort clients to the top galleries, museums and private collections for a unique point of view about culture in Miami- available in English, Spanish and French. 


We hope that you will enjoy the art of Miami as much as possible, and look forward to sharing the experience together.



Thank you!

Judy Holm, Founder and Chief Editor

BTA Billy the Artist live at Scope 2011

Miami Beach Chamber Gala – Entertainment and Invitation Design

Celebrating Success with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce – 90TH Annual Gala

June 2, 2012


Judy Holm, Vice-Chair, and the entire Arts and Culture Council were proud to be an integral part of the program planning for the Annual Gala held last Saturday.  We thank Gala Chair Aaron Perry and the Gala Committee for including us in this exciting process.  Incorporating a multitude of cultural elements as a backdrop to the awards celebration, we orchestrated a number of exciting and alluring artistic jewels not only to entertain the guests, but to highlight the caliber of arts and culture in Miami Beach.  It was our desire to honor the award recipients and celebrate their individual contributions to the community through carefully selected and choreographed works of art in many forms, ranging from the invitation design and the awards creation, to visual arts, music and dance.


A Commemorative Gift

Gala invitees received a commemorative print, gift representing the 90th Annual Dinner Gala and its theme, “Celebrating Success.” This limited series of prints was designed by celebrated local artist Mark T. Smith, from the original 48” x 48” work of art- a gift to the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. Proceeds of the sale of the painting will be used to fund the Chamber’s Miami Beach Education Foundation, a 501c3 dedicated to bringing together the strengths and resources of the community to support the needs of public education in Miami Beach by way of financing scholarships, school programming and in particular the International Baccalaureate program.

A Musical Grand Entrance and Visual Delights


On the evening of June 2, 2012, the sold-out gala hosted 1,200 guests who were treated to a variety of musical interludes.  Welcoming guests on the red carpet entrance was one of the most-anticipated musical components- the FIU Jazz Ensemble.  We are so appreciative of Our Arts and Culture Council Chair, Dean of the FIU College of Architecture + the Arts, Brian Schriner for arranging this musical contribution.  Music set the tone for the evening, with an upbeat and sophisticated style.


During the cocktail hour, the main focus was the silent auction, and mingling with other guests.  With the black-tie optional dress code, there were many creative fashion statements made by the guests.  Dare we say “eye candy?”  And of course, accessories are an important part of every fashion statement.  The jewels, shoes and evening bags added much sparkle and dazzle in the night.


There were several surprise performances that were revealed throughout the evening, from the marching band of Miami Beach High, whose members paraded through the crowd and led us in to dinner, to the fantastic and spirited cheerleaders who added to the high-energy and fun of the evening’s festivities.


The dinner portion of the Gala was infused with creative installations of art from the Bass Museum, the Wolfsonian and from the Art in Public Places of Miami Beach.  Each visual masterpiece served as a reminder of the importance of art in our community, and to acknowledge the lifetime of civic contributions of our five honorees.

During the award ceremony, each honoree received a hand-crafted trophy designed by students from FIU College of Architecture + The Arts.  Our Arts and Culture Council Chair, Dean of the FIU College of Architecture + the Arts,  Brian Schriner and Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Art + Art History, Jacek J. Kolasiński worked closely with the students and alumni to create these personalized trophies.



Musical High Notes


One of the most exciting components of the evening is the performance by the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy.  A select group of musicians from the Symphony created an indelible memory of the evening, playing a customized classical musical selection for the Gala, Mozart’s Serenata Notturna, or “evening serenade”- a perfect tribute to the guests and honorees!  This unique cultural institution has proudly supported and saluted local businesses for twenty-five years, and is pleased to celebrate the vibrant business community and leaders on this occasion.  Our Arts and Culture Council member and Assistant Vice President, Development of the New World Symphony, Stacey Glassman Mizener, has been actively involved in not only the performance prepared by the New World Symphony, but in all of the artistic elements of the evening’s program.


Dance the Night Away

What is a Gala without dancing? After dinner and the awards ceremony, the guests moved into the more informal portion of the evening- and danced the night away in the post-dinner lounge sponsored by our generous sponsor, City National Bank.  The lounge was complete with a cigar bar and copious desserts, with a multitude of performance acts by some amazingly talented dancers.

The Brightest Spotlights – Our Honorees


With arts and cultural elements shining in the background, we wish to point the biggest and brightest spotlights on the five exceptional honorees.  We thank them for their outstanding contributions to the community, and congratulate them on their well-deserved awards.

The 2012 Gala celebrated ninety years of history of the Chamber of Commerce as it honored five individuals who have created success in their own lives and for our community.

STEVEN D. SONENREICH, President & CEO, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Citizen of the Year Award


GARY R. GERSON, Founding Partner, Gerson, Preston, Robinson and Co., PA, City National Bank Hi-Tides Outstanding Achievement Award


DR. ROSANN SIDENER, Principal, Miami Beach Senior High School, Distinguished Service Award


JOSE ABREU, Director of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, Excellence in Tourism Award


TONY GOLDMAN, Chairman, The Goldman Properties Company, Lifetime Achievement Award






Partner, Blue Marlin Public Relations and Communications

Ms. Holm has extensive experience in many arenas of public relations, marketing, events and social media- ranging from lifestyle (including arts, performing arts, beauty, fashion, wine, food, travel and entertainment) and personal PR for high net worth individuals, to financial services, nonprofit organizations and startups.  Her network and media reach are global. In addition to San Francisco roots, she has worked throughout Europe, NYC, Miami and Los Angeles.

Classically trained in strategy, consulting, public relations and marketing, Judy is versatile in various industries, ranging from financial and beauty companies to wineries and nonprofit organizations. Her creative approach to marketing and public relations translates to improving clients’ corporate image, brand awareness, customer loyalty and exceptional financial results.

With twenty years international and bi-coastal experience, she has contributed to the success of some major brands, including Ferrari, Maserati, L’Oreal, Matrix, Estee Lauder-Bumble and bumble, La Mer, Avon, Sally Hansen, Lynmar Estate Winery, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Charles Schwab & Co. She also has the “California” experience of start-up companies and works pro bono with several nonprofit organizations – Edgewood Center for Children and Families, San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Zoo.

Ms. Holm received bachelors degrees in Economics and French from U.C. Berkeley, and an MBA from l’Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris.


Continuous and extensive research, with lifestyle marketing and social media corporate trends


Create, lead and manage large brands and marketing departments: complete P&L responsibility (brands exceeding $200 million sales/$10 million marketing budgets), innovative PR strategies, ROI-driven events and sponsorships


Dedicated to community service and charity: discounts and bro bono support via public relations, marketing, fundraising, board membership, corporate partnerships and events

Arts and Culture: Vice-Chair Arts and Culture Council, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce; Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary, Tahoe International Film Festival, International Museum of Women, Headlands Center for the Arts; MOMA; Fine Arts Museums (FAM); French Historical Society

Conservation: Humane Society, SPCA, San Francisco Zoo Auxiliary Board, Word Wildlife Fund (WWF), Nature Conservancy

Humanitarian and Health Causes: American Red Cross, Edgewood Center for Children and Families, Fritz Institute, Breast Cancer Awareness/Prevention and Emergency Fund, The Associates/ St. Francis Hospital

Temi Adamolekun


A law grad who chose a more creative path in life, PR.
Temi’s path has taken her on a journey with Conde Nast, the Marco Pierre White Group, Bryant Park Hotel and a roster of high end lifestyle brands. Inspired by her love of fabulous handbags, she started her accessory brand 5 years ago, Tiger Tem.
Tiger Tem has been featured in Vogue and the Financial Times amongst numerous other publications and is stocked in a select number of retailers internationally.
A chance meeting lead to a weekly fashion spread, which was maintained for 4 years which she turned into her blog www.tigertem.com.
Temi has been growing as a freelance writer and has written for a number of international publications such as Time Out, This Day, The Guardian, Sofisticati, Living Well Magazine, Eluxury as writing copy for fabulous companies.
With her love of all things sparkly, Temi decided to study gemmology at GIA last year. A choice which opened the doors to a positions with the London Jewellery Week team, the British Jewellery Week team and the as part of the event team for the prestigious annual Goldsmiths Fair.

Paola Balli


After obtaining a degree in Public Relations in Milan, Paola worked at Porsche for ten years in marketing and communications. During her tenure with Porsche, she acquired an extensive knowledge of the luxury market, and of high net worth individuals. She was responsible for planning events, managing budgets and creating partnerships.  Throughout this period, she had continuous communication and involvement with major Italian and international brands, as well as high profile customers.

With strong communications and customer relationship skills, she has built a broad network.

Ms. Balli strongly believes in networking and connecting people from different fields. Focusing on these values, she is now committed to new projects in the world of art and culture.

Federica Grazia Bartolini

Federica is the founder, editor, designer of BestMilano.net, a private community of people from Milan (Italy)
The website counted more than 200 active members in 2008, and during the following years it has been source of inspiration for many events called “BestMilano.net Parties”.
Thanks to her creativity Federica got in touch with the most important PR from Milan, who seeked her cooperation to invent and manage Club parties in the most fashionable locations of Milan.
Federica believes in the strenght and potentialities of the internet, and loves to experiment with it, that’s why in her PR and advertising work she has always successfully included the use of social networking websites and the internet in general.
Addicted to marketing, web-marketing and business issues, after a year of engineering studies, Federica realized that her way was that of business and marketing so, finally, she graduated in business management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.
Curious and willing to learn from every experience she has cooperated as a promoter, model, and interpreter in the most remarkable exhibitions and events in Milan. Passion for travelling, art, fashion and beauty complete her profile.

Gaelle M. Gouraige

Originally from Miami, Florida, Gaelle is currently an international MBA student in Milan, Italy concentrating in Design & Luxury Management. Having previously worked in the Marketing and Public Relations department at MIAMI Magazine (a regional publication produced by Modern Luxury), she has had professional experience working in the realm of luxury lifestyle. Her primary interests and focuses include fashion and brand management. She has had experience managing website content and event planning.
Gaelle has worked with Miami based hotels and restaurants such as the W Hotel, the Besty Hotel, Segafredo in Brickell, the Gansevoort, and the Epic. She has also worked on events for Art Basel, Super Bowl XLIV, as well as fashion shows featuring the designs of Betsy Johnson and Eli Tahari.
In university, Gaelle acted as chief head of PR/Marketing for a numerous amount of theatrical productions, such as West Side Story, Closer, Death of an Anarchist. She was also executive producer for many shows as well—i.e Titus Andronicus, Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, etc. Using these positions to enact hands on educational to public relations and marketing, Gaelle was able to bring her team (the production crew) together to find new and innovative marketing tools that led to sold out performances. She was also president of the Underground Shakespeare Club.
Internationally minded, Gaelle has lived not only in the United States, but also in Spain and presently in Italy. She splits her time between Milan, Miami, and Paris and is of French and Haitian descent. She speaks French, English, and Spanish fluently and is moderate in both German and Italian.
Gaelle Gouraige holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania in Political Science with a minor in History. She is currently an MBA candidate at MIP Politecnico di Milano with an expected graduation date of June 2011.

Ilaria Locatelli

Mrs. Locatelli has a good experience in public relations, exibitions and event’s organization (including arts and fashion) even she is only 23 years old.
Mrs. Locatelli recently received bachelor’s degrees in Italian Literature and Filology from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. During her undergraduated period she studied Arts an Fashion which are the most important “fil rouge” in her career.
In the arena of Art she worked as personal assistant in one of the most important Free Art Gallery in Milan, Spazio Taccori. She wrote press releases, reviews, newsletter, she is the responsible for the relationship between gallery and artists and for Website and updates.
She collaborated as intern in AREF -Association Emilio Rizzi and GioBatta Ferrari-, an Artistical and Cultural Association in Brescia, which offers some different artistical services like the organization of exibition, events, meeting, and writing artists catalogue.
She was responsible for sales and customer relationships for Chiara Spagnoli, a talented young artist who works beetween Milan and Rome.
In the arena of Fashion Mrs. Locatelli collaborated in organizing Guest Lists for man and woman fashion shows Milano and Events at Blumarine, Blugirl, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, Louis Vuitton. Thanks her great adaptability to multi-cultural environments, different situations and roles, she actually works also in close collaboration with some important Clubs in Milan throught the organization and promotion of public charity events, private parties and theme parties.

Maria Sofia Negri

Maria Sofia Negri graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (focused on English and Spanish) from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. She has since gained an impressive employment history of more than five years experience within the fields of communications, public relations, event management and press.
She started working for several PR agencies in Milan conducting various different roles including promotion and advertisement assistant, event manager, press office executive, web sites coordinator, studio manager and personal assistant.
Her latest example of professional experience was that of Migliore+Servetto Associated Architects – an international architecture firm and was primarily focused on exhibition design, architecture and communication.
Within Migliore+Servetto she was responsible for communication and media relations, working for some of the most renowned international brands in fashion, design, publishing and manufacturing, as well as for museums and institutions. Examples of the companies she has worked with include: Bticino Group, Technogym, FIAT, The New York Times Style Magazine, Max Mara, Wallpaper* Magazine UK, Tod’s, Foscarini, Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw and Bulgari Hotel.

Kirsten Owens

Kirsten is the founder and editor of TravelingFashionista.com , a blog dedicated to travel-infused fashion. As such, Kirsten demonstrates a wealth of knowledge about the lifestyle industry. Showcasing current trends and providing product reviews and recommendations, Kirsten collaborates with high-quality brands such as J Brand, Anlo, Palladium, Schick, L’Bel, Harper/Collins, Red Engine Jeans, Luxe City Guides, and Tsubo, among others. She also provides in depth travel reviews for both large resorts and hotel properties as well as smaller boutique hotels and inns. Her freelance writing has been featured in a variety of other fashion, beauty, and travel websites
Kirsten possesses a strong technical background and aside from her own website, has been hired to design and update numerous websites for other companies across a variety of industries. Her creative abilities in concert with her analytical skills are assets in her design and creation of marketing materials and media kits, in addition to other forms of written collateral.
Kirsten also has extensive experience with event planning, and has coordinated events for both large and small scale audiences. A natural leader, she is adept at project management, utilizing her detail-oriented nature and organizational skills.
Aside from her love of fashion and travel, Kirsten has a passion for communication and public relations. Known for being genuine and articulate, she has effectively established and maintained relationships across a wide variety of media and industry contacts. She often serves as the main source of contact and is an effective liaison between the press, community, and companies she supports.
Kirsten believes all companies should establish a strong social media presence, and currently offers strategies, support and guidance for companies looking to include social media in their marketing efforts. She works with companies experiencing growth and/or want to improve their networking, branding and outreach.
Giving back to her own community, Kirsten served as the Internet Chair for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event in San Francisco this year. Collectively their team raised over $72,000 in the fight against cancer.
Kirsten holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Psychology, allowing her to bring a thorough understanding of communications and business operations, enhancing all projects she is a part of.



Lily Okorokwo (Venice  Italy/Nigeria )



I am currently studying business administration in Venice, with plans to transfer to London, with an immense interest in the creative and business industries, specifically the arts and fashion design. These interests were first nurtured when I came to Venice to study Italian.  Subsequently, I was influenced by working as an art exhibition manager for “Venice in Venice”, a retrospective curated by Tim Nye and Jacqueline Miro on California artists’ works of 1960s and 1970s during the 54th Venice Art Biennale 2011.  I am also honing my interest in art and fashion with my work as an international trend hunter for a London-based marketing and strategy agency, The Lounge Group.

My passion for the creativity has led me to launch my own website- Glowingcolours.com, a platform  aimed at offering  a unique perspective of creativity-related subjects, and creating a greater interest in up and coming artists in the art  circuit. I also contribute with articles on fashion style and art subject for a Nigerian  based magazine, Ebiz magazine, where I deploy news on ongoing events focused on promoting African culture and on artists that are impacting positively all over the world.

Networking and communication are highly important to me and to the sector in which I aspire to develop in the future.  Thanks to my knowledge of English, Italian, Spanish, German and my Nigerian language Igbo, I’m able to  communicate with different people from many different parts of the world and obviously engage myself in productive conversations. I also practice my promotion and management skills by running my own website diligently and assisting my mother’s NGO, New Image, by promoting it. Most of all, I am dedicated to my education, passions(marketing, fashion, design, travel and art) and whatever that can contribute to my growth and progress professionally.

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Ms. Aja Feingold continues to expand her creative mind while demonstrating her leadership, customer relation, and business skills. She has an extensive experience in planning, selling, and executing ideas and offers with a unique edge in marketing management and engaging in public settings. She is a recent graduate of a Master in Fashion Promotion from Istituto Marangoni. Here, her verbal and written communication skills, along with her passion for fashion and culture have flourished.  Through digital manipulation, marketing, and production, she became proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. During her employment with a high-end multi-brand boutique (Stacy Gemma), event and marketing firm (Motor Marketing), not for profit organization (Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless), and a designer’s apprentice (Bird Design); she has managed operations and learned the importance of being detail oriented, while maintaining organization in a fast paced environment. She has also gained experience interacting confidently with a wide variety of personalities from artists to buyers to audiences. Constantly thinking outside the box, yet remaining determined and focused, she engages with others; achieving her goals professionally and creatively. She is a committed and diligent worker, with a well-rounded knowledge and perspective.

STACY GEMMA (High-End Boutique)

  • Dates (from – to): October 2008 to Present
    • Contributing writer and Public Relations contact for the Brand Image and Website
    • Maintained excellent customer relationships through service, loyalty, and friendship
    • Increased sales by viral marketing, promotional/ integrated campaigns, events
    • Orchestrated an 11 model based prom 2009 fashion show with a cross marketed and integrated campaign
    • Visual merchandiser
    • Creative director for window display

MOTOR MARKETING (Marketing Agency)

  • Dates (from – to): June 2008 to Present
    • Obtain Sponsorships for upcoming music events
    • Communicate to all media vehicles about upcoming events through media advisories and public service announcements
    • Coordinate and facilitate all business meetings
    • Communicate with broadcast vehicles concerning viral outlets
    • Executed guerilla marketing tactics focusing on specific events


  • Dates (from – to): March 2008 to May 2008
    • Generated multiple press releases for all Rhode Island Journals
    • Communicated to all media vehicles about upcoming events through media advisories and public service announcements
    • Created and organized databases regarding: housing, families, and individuals
    • Communicated with broadcast vehicles concerning talk shows and viral outlets
    • Executed guerilla marketing tactics focusing on specific events
    • Developed Canvassing letters to promote the issues of homelessness

BIRD DESIGN (Custom Design Boutique)

  • Dates (from – to): June 2005 to August 2007
    • Facilitated photo-shoots: dressing 10 models & styling them to be photographed on a time-based schedule
    • Generated awareness of fashion shows through multiple press releases, press kits, and communication campaigns
    • Satisfied customer needs by providing high-class services such as: personal fittings and tailoring
    • Interacted with two vendors for an annual summer fashion show
    • Created press releases for an annual summer fashion show to Paper Magazine, TriCity News, and MAR Magazine
    • Assisted fashion designer: scheduling appointments & tending to models
    • Organized & promoted annual fashion show with music & models on a timely basis
    • Performed weekly inventory
    • Marketed Bird Design through sales promotions to local venders for future partnerships and/or sponsorships
    • Created a database of customers to market through direct mail and e-mail blurbs


Venice Film Festival 2012

The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement has been awarded to Italian director and screenwriter Francesco Rosi. The award will be presented on 31st August, on the occasion of the screening of the restored copy of Rosi’s masterpiece, Il caso Mattei (The Mattei Affair, 1972).
The 69th Venice International Film Festival will run 29th August to 8th September, directed by Alberto Barbera. New features of the next edition include a new foyer of the Palazzo del Cinema; the Venice Film Market, a new service that will join the Industry Office; and Biennale College – Cinema, a workshop open to young filmmakers for the production of low-budget films.
We look forward to sharing more news about the festival over the coming months..stay tuned! Venice Biennale 2012

Venice ~ Cini Foundation.. a New Glass Exhibition Space

August 2012 the new permanent Rooms for Glass (Le Stanze del Vetro) exhibition space was inaugurated with the show Carlo Scarpa. Venini 1932 – 1947

On 29th August 2012 the exhibition Carlo Scarpa. Venini 1932 – 1947, curated by Marino Barovier, will open on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. The exhibition of over 300 works will reconstruct Carlo Scarpa’s creative development as artistic director of the Venini Glassworks from 1932 to 1947. The Scarpa exhibition is the first public event of the Rooms for Glass (Le Stanze del Vetro), a long-term cultural project launched by the Giorgio Cini Foundation in collaboration with Pentagram Stiftung for the purpose of studying and showcasing the art of Venetian glassmaking in the 20th century. [Read more…]

Miami Beach… places to go, dining, shopping and unique experiences



Sun brunch at Setai Hotel is spectacular, with the most beautiful food and limitless Tattinger champagne for $75 (plus service/tax).. stunning setting.

A La Folie, casual French crepe place – very charming and authentic (located on Espagnola Way), serene ambiance.

Betsy Hotel, Ocean and 14th St, amazing popovers!  Lovely setting.


Lively and chic, Mr Chow’s restaurant in the W Hotel – also the big bar in the back of the main floor is usually filled with cool people.  Also, a new sister restaurant, Philippe, opened Dec 2011 beautiful space and very nice staff, good happy hour drinks .. (36 Ocean Drive)

Ciccone in Soho House (Collins/44th) – open to public in the otherwise private club.  Nice scene.. lovely setting, wide menu choices

“Hot” hotel and restaurant, lovely outside restaurant on the bay, uber-cool crowd (I’m a member there) – Standard Hotel.  Bright and happy place!  “Health-conscious” menu.. BEST spa!! and hamam… amazinggg.

Another restaurant option – which has DJ;s most nights is Sushi Samba on Lincoln Rd Mall – sushi, creative food, not only sushi, I love the sea bass.. fun vibe!

Fun place for drinks and ANY meal in the restaurant – Betsy Hotel.

Meat Market, 915 Lincoln Rd.. chic and beautiful decr, yummy food, and a bit of “New York” feel.. makes it one of the best on Lincoln Rd, and nice ambiance.

 New addition to Lincoln Rd (at Alton) Rosa Mexicana, of the New York group.  Nice spot, good food.. Mexican!

 Romantic and luxurious setting – worth the price! The Villa, Versace Mansion – 1116 Ocean Drive, http://www.thevillabybartong.com/

 Casa Tua – ditto comments of The Villa, 1700 James St, http://www.casatualifestyle.com/hotel/

 Miami Beach has tons of steak houses, which is not my specialty.. but Smith & Wollensky’s is fun, beautiful waterfront setting, with a lively bar scene and some tables outside on the rocks.. another great sunset spot.  They have many good fish and veggie options too!

 The Miami Beach institution… Joe’s Stone Crab – celebrating 100 years in 2013.  Great food, huge space.. hustle-bustle  feeling..  “Old school” charm and classy service.  They also have a great casual breakfast/lunch café adjacent, and take-out with most of the same items from the restaurant menu.  I live for the Lobster Reuben… worth every calorie.


 W Hotel, has a nice bar in the back of the hotel,  the new more casual “Dutch” and poolside tikki bar are all frequently fun and lively spots.  The nicest W Hotel I have seen, with beautiful art work and soaring ceilings in the lobby.. great space!

 Drink at Rooftop bar of Gansevoort Hotel – a MUST! Best ocean view in Miami

 Best sunset – Mondrian Hotel, fun casual “tikki bar” for a drink.  Also a good choice for dinner – great food!

 Dream Hotel, 1111 Collins, is a newly renovated hotel, with rooftop pool and bar.  An intimate ambiance, and lovely city views…  

 Standard Hotel!  (see comments above)

 Art, Culture and places of interest

Vizcaya Mansion – Lovely place to visit during the day – (estate, museum and cafe) near Key Biscayne – about 20 minutes from Miami Beach


The Bass Museum is centrally located, and a little jewel of the city..  (very small, only need about half an hour);

MUST see – New World Symphony – opened a year ago; Gehry design; NWS company created by the fabulous MTT – it is a stunning location and worth any visit, performance, etc…

Wolfsonion, Collins and 10th St… highly regarded museum, but not my personal favorite. 

SHOPPING – please avoid Ocean Drive.. it is overflowing with the “Vegas-type” tourists… and no good stores instead, STROLL Lincoln Rd Mall.. a mix of very expensive boutiques, and Pottery Barn-type franchises- very unique to Miami Beach and great people-watching!  BEST Nespresso coffee bar (really good small menu for lunch too) !!!!! Semifreddo is very popular with the international locals. ALSO, right around the corner is Espagnola Way.. cute, several blocks long.. “only in Miami” quaint to see the little shops. A bit further North is Bal Harbour, the “Madison Ave” of Miami Beach… lovely indoor/outdoor mall with all of the beautiful fashion and jewelry shops, and several good restaurant options as well!   Parking lot is easy and not overpriced.

Botanical Gardens – directly across from the Convention Center, is a bit of respite and peace from the Lincoln Rd, and tourist scene… ice place to relax for a little while… and learn about the local flora and fauna.


Miami Beach is a very late night city.. so it will seem “dead” at times – sunsets are great happy hour times in the places I mentioned, and dinner is better later (like 9pm reservations).. the city becomes very entertaining!!!

I am not into the nightclub scene.. but there are many places that offer DJ music and dancing.. all night long.

Amnesia and Pearl are new, recently reopened hot spots – both South of Fifth.  Nice crowd!

Not on my list

Places that are “hot” but are not on my list…

Prime 112/Prime Italian/Vic and Angelo’s – good food/sketchy people

Barton G (who own Mansion) – too “over the top” presentation/pretentious service

Voila!  Hope that helps