Aspirations Founder Judy Holm appointed as Vice-Chair of Art and Culture…

I attended Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB) 2010 in preparation for my work in Venice at the 2011 Biennale.  After a ten-year absence from the area, I could not believe the incredible and wonderful evolution of this city and the entire region, particularly in urban development and cultural innovation and maturation.  Specifically because of my perception of creative opportunities and this aspirational spirit of Miami Beach, I made the decision to relocate from San Francisco. 

The importance of art and culture has not only an important image impact on the community, but specifically with the advent of Art Basel Miami Beach, there is a discernible ripple effect on the entire economic growth of the city and its surrounding neighboring cities.

Art Basel is considered by most of the art world to be one of the most prestigious and financially important organizations worldwide.  In fact, ABMB has eclipsed the Basel fair as the largest sale of art worldwide.  This year, according to ARTLOG, the early estimates are $1 billion of art sold, and 50,000 attendees in the 260 gallery, 2,000-artists’ exhibition.  Additionally, fourteen satellite fairs, all of the important museums and other cultural organizations, countless galleries, murals (!), design showrooms, restaurants, and retailers all presented art and benefitted economically with raised visibility within the ever-growing and prestigious domestic and international base of attendees.

The zenith of this fair, and its related overwhelming positive financial and cultural impacts have brought unprecedented and inestimable value to Miami and Miami Beach.

The long-term potential of Miami and Miami Beach as a serious cultural center is at a critical stage of development.  The local level of dynamism and creativity is intense, but the international interest in the region as a cultural hub is still fragile, and largely linked to the presence of Art Basel.  The annual infrastructure of this most venerated exhibition, the continued cultural and related economic growth in our community- fueled by international art collectors, gallerists, and critics, is an exciting element of the cultural organic growth of our community.

As Vice-Chair of Art and Culture for the new council at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, I believe that one of the most important aspects of the group is to communicate, promote and highlight the jewels of our city.  The relevancy of art and culture is particularly critical today, as the public education in our schools has eliminated much of the funding, and related programs for our children. 

The future of art and culture, as with anything, lies with the future generations.  The need to educate and provide access to art and culture is therefore paramount; ultimately with the goal to incite interest and support.  One of the best ways to grow a business, is to attract lifelong “customers.”  Creating interest and passion about the myriad of categories in art and culture will help ensure commitment for generations to come.

We will be (PRE)viewing and (RE)viewing several different organizations and events each month, to ensure that our members and the constituency of the Miami Beach News are well informed.  Please, let us know if you have any ideas to share, or would like to recommend an organization or event to be featured- and we will let you know what we think!

This council was formed by Jason Loeb and Jerry Libbin.  I am honored and thrilled to spearhead the group with Brian Schriner and Alan Randolph.  The importance of arts and cultural and connection to businesses in Miami Beach was iterated by our Chairman Jason in his December 14, 2011 cover story introduction of our new council , “The economic forces of these art programs are huge and every business can benefit in some way.” .  Thank you Jason and Jerry for the tremendous opportunity to be help lead  such an important and passionate group!