The Global Climate Design Awards Announces the 2023 GCDA Award Winners


Miami, FL – January 11, 2024

 The Global Climate Design Awards (GCDA) program announces the winners for its premier edition.  The winners and honorable mentions have been selected by the judges, from a short list of 74 nominees, located in 6 continents, 26 countries and 64 cities.

GCDA conducts extensive research of projects, products and programs across the globe, designating awards for the best in climate design innovation. Each award winner represents the best work combatting climate change. 


The GCDA Judges selected fifteen winners (including two co-winners), and designated five honorable mentions – in the following award categories: Print or Digital Advertising Campaign, Film or Video, Photography, Graphic Design & Branding, Package Design, Product Design (Consumer), Product Design (Industrial), Architecture (Commercial), Architecture (Residential), Landscape Architecture, Interior Design & Space Planning, Fashion Design, Out of the Box (OOB).  A final award, Youniversal, is given to the most popular nominee, selected by the public via social media voting. 

The winners are diverse in geographic location, scale, ethnicity and gender; ranging from young solo practitioners to large established firms.

About GCDA

GCDA was created to recognize the best climate design ideas worldwide.  The award criteria are excellence and innovation in improving greenhouse gas emissions (upstream to downstream), design, and public appeal.   We strive to develop interest and passion for climate change action through design, to amplify education about climate solutions and shift consumer behavior and purchase decisions.  

About Climate Designers

Climate Designers is the global hub for designers and creative professionals from all industries, committed to using our creative skills for climate action – 4,100+ members in 17 chapters around the world and growing.


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