Marketing and PR innovation

Art, culture and humanitarian causes are our passions. Twenty-five years of experience  launching products, producing events, creating programs and advertising, elevating brands and raising funds for important causes are our greatest accomplishments Рacross the United States and throughout Europe.

PR and MArketing Strategy and LAUNCHES

25+ years working with the best.. from L'Oreal and Estee Lauder, Ferrari and Maserati to countless cultural and humanitarian institutions, we assist our clients plan, develop and launch the most innovative and successful campaigns. We have co-directed more than 600 events, lead the teams of several hundred partnerships across cultural and corporate brands... all for the success of our clients.

Digital : Content, Creation and Execution!

We have been in the digital game since the beginning... when the world wide web launched, we were there. When social media started, we were ready... From user experience to website creation, to social media and digital marketing plans, we can help you achieve all of your marketing goals.

And, we love to write... all about the amazing projects and developments of our clients! We get the word out ..across all channels!

Experience Meets Passion

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